Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Fun with Quest-Tec

Our heroes made their way through the vault, evading traps and destroying guards. Eventually they found and destroyed the magical construct that controlled the traps and thoroughly looted the vault. Now it is time to return to Commander Matrius.

Identified Magic Items

Golden Clawed Gauntlet

Extendable Pole

Storm Stones

2 Amulets of Protection

2 Guardian Stones

5 Flame Arrows (1 used)

Eviscerator Longsword

Unidentified Magic Items

Mysterious Locked Book

Book of Fire and Lightning

Screaming Book

Magic Full Plate

Magic Harpoon

Magic Morningstar

Magic Axe

3 Magic Cloths

Feather Cloak

5 Lightning Arrows

5 Frost Arrows

5 Acid Arrows

Non-magical loot

One metal golem corpse.

A small piece of white and silvery fur on a silver chain. Identified as a good luck charm from before the Scourge.

A bronze medallion imprinted with the Quest-Tec logo.

A silver cup with images of musicians around the outside.

An ivory statuette about 1 foot long of a man in full plate holding a longsword, point down.

A painting of a lord on horseback. A bronze plaque on the wooden frame states “Lord Einol Poril”.

A black stone staff with silver inlaid runes.

A gold and ruby necklace.


Just to note quickly, you do intend us to have access to the rules for unidentified items because we’re just going to find out when we get back to town, right? If not, you should probably change that before we’re tempted to read them.

Fun with Quest-Tec

Of the things we do have identified, I know there’s no point in my bidding on the sword, but Tacoma would want to have the pole. An amulet would also be nice, but that’s two of the four main thingies we understand so far. I’d think the consumables (including some of the arrows) should be spread around, and maybe one guardian stone left with our stuff (perhaps on one of the boxes, if they weren’t all taken apart to block arrow traps) and one carried by a party member. The non-magical items belong in a museum (or, failing that, some sort of vault), but I wouldn’t mind studying them on the way back and/or taking payment for them.

Fun with Quest-Tec

Yes, I did intend for you to have access to the unidentified item details. Just remember that your characters haven’t figured all of it out yet.

Fun with Quest-Tec

So, with Chapter 11 out of the way, it looks like the only things left here are:

1. Distribution of the non-combat items we kept

2. Finding out what the cloths do

Of course, there’s not going to be much of any consensus reached here.

Fun with Quest-Tec

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