Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Home Again

Our heroes left the vault and headed back to civilized lands. On the way back they narrowly avoided a pack of mantises, tore apart some stalkers and watched a harbinger fly overhead. Thankfully they and the scouts they hired all made it back to Prylin safely.

On the road between Prylin and Salinea they were passed by a trio of riders galloping hard towards Prylin. One of the rider carried a banner, a white lion on a field of green, the banner of House Thoeman. The riders could only be royal messengers with an important message. The party soon found out what was so important when the arrived at Salinea. The gate guards wore black armbands and informed them that Crown Prince Helius, next in line for the throne, was dead. Apparently he had died while hunting in the western mountains. No one knew the specifics of how he had died. As they continued towards New Allar they heard many rumors, but no solid facts.

In New Allar they sold off the non-magical loot they recovered from the vault with the exception of the golem’s body. Tacoma also sold a map of the vault to the Explorer’s guild. After a brief shopping break they headed on to Haven. Once there they divided the magical loot and reported in to Commander Matrius. After handing over the gauntlet and the locked book the party told him about the other items they retrieved from the vault. He expressed great interest in the other books they found and offered to buy them. After some negotiation the party did agree to sell the books rather than turn them over to the Academy or the Sages. Commander Matrius thanked them, requested that they continue to keep their mission a secret and said he would likely have another job for them in a couple weeks.

When Lord Rheoban returned to the Lajana family manor he found a message waiting for him. Apparently a Servant of Jura had stopped by requesting that the party speak with Jura as soon as possible. When the party assembled at Jura’s Shrine, they were led back down to the underground spring of the River Avon. When they arrived, Jura dismissed her Servants, leaving the party alone with the Primarch.

Jura told them that she had a mission for them. She wanted them to find Kirronan the green dragon. According to Jura, he is somewhere in the Black Marsh. Jura believes that Kirronan knows something about the Scourge. It is the heroes job to find Kirronan and figure out anything he might know about the Scourge. When they return, Jura will tell them about the ancient serpent in Haven.

The scouts took the magic axe, magic morningstar, feather cloak, 1 guardian stone, and some money as payment.



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