Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Welcome to Janliff

Our heroes bide their time in Crestpeak Citadel, waiting for Tacoma to heal. As they waited the local Captain of the Guard informed them that the strike team had returned from the nest. They found it empty except for the queen’s corpse and some eggs. The shadow spiders were nowhere to be found. Everyone noted this irregularity with concern and assured the Captain that the spiders had been there when they left. Finally, after 2 days he is well enough to travel on.

On the road to Janliff the party encountered a pile of burnt wreckage by the side of the road. Curious they stopped to investigate. They found that the debris was from a set of wagons, dragged off the road and burned. The wagons had been there for about 3 weeks. Next to wreckage was a large area of ground that had been upturned. They dug it up and found a corpse, buried and rotting. With that gruesome yet perplexing find they ended their investigation and reburied the body. As they continued onward they found two more sets of burned wagons, very similar to the first.

It was dark by the time the companions finally arrived at Janliff. Thankfully they had made it through the night without being attacked. When the guards on the wall saw who was approaching, they gladly opened the gates and let them in. The lieutenant on duty even gave them an escort to the Governor’s home. Governor Marcelin Lajana’s home was guarded by 2 men, one a member of the House Lajana Guards, the other a King’s Guard. They were greeted by one of the Governor’s servants, surprised to have guests arriving so late. Unfortunately there were only 2 rooms available for them to stay in due to another guest of the Governor’s, Lord Cantus Arith. With Lord Rheoban and Lord Felix (with Kylee) staying at the Governor’s home, the others were given rooms at the Blue Moon Inn.

The next morning they begin their investigations into what is going on and trying to find out if they really is a dragon nearby.



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