Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Cleaning Up and Moving Out

With the arrival of the Lieutenant Daniel and his Defenders, our heroes’ reasons for staying in Prylin were quickly dwindling. The rebellion was being resolved, the beasts had been destroyed, and the leader of the crime ring had been driven into hiding. They still had their suspicions of Captain Indorian and his involvement in the rebellion, but after snooping around for a while the next day they found no evidence of wrongdoing. Magus Ellen had brought their payment from the Academy as well as a box to transport the amulet they found on Old Man Jones.

Outside of Salinea they came across a group of Defenders and a destroyed caravan. The caravan had been attacked by a pack of beasts. The Defenders, having found the remains while on patrol, were about to track down the beasts. The party graciously offered to come with the patrol and assist in destroying the beasts. It did not take long for them to catch up with the beasts, a pair of mantises and nearly a dozen grunts. A few well placed arrows took down the mantises, the true threat in the pack, and some quick sword work finished off the grunts. The Defenders thanked them for the assistance and our heroes resumed their journey.

Other than a brief stop in Old Allar to inform the local mining guild about a iron vein they found near Prylin, the rest of their journey was uneventful.

Back in Haven they returned to Grand Magus Alain. They gave their report and handed over the amulet. The Grand Magus informed them that, the night after they left Prylin, Captain Indorian was murdered. He also informed them about a necromancer that was being hunted and that there had been a series of unusual disappearances in Millkeep. According to witnesses, people are being ‘swallowed by the shadows’. The Academy is sending a team of mages to investigate and Grand Magus Alain is sending our heroes to accompany and assist them.

The next morning the party met up with the Academy’s group, four mages, one skilled in each form of elemental magic, and 6 Defenders. They quickly reached Millkeep and began their investigation. They questioned the local mage healer and Governor Muciel Lajana and learned that the disappearances had started about two weeks ago. The first people vanished from the local mines and the sites of the disappearances seemed to be moving out from there. Then they went and questioned the local mine foreman. He told them that there was a section of the mines that had been closed off a long time ago by the Academy because of some magical hazard. He also mentioned that there had been a mage in the mines a bit more than two weeks ago. He pointed them towards the miner that had spoken with the mage. The miner gave them a description of a gaunt man with brown hair and eyes. The description matched that of the necromancer, an adept earth and water mage that had been caught practicing dark magics.

With this information they rejoined the other mages sent by the Academy. The mages had also found information pointing towards the sealed off section of the mines. After a night’s sleep they were ready to venture into the mines and find the source of these disappearances.

Rules Amendment: Heavy armor now reduces lethal damage to bashing on a 1 for 1 basis. Armor with rating Heavy X reduces X points of lethal damage to bashing per strike, damage greater than X remains lethal. Armor piercing reduces the effective armor rating of the target.


Lord Rheoban’s Dream Journal: These shadow assaults must be truly horrifying. Last night, I meditated on the sealed off crypt in the mine; the presumed location of The Necromancer. Though I know my visions are just that, I swear that I felt the shadows begin to engulf me and teeth reach for my throat.

Terrifying as it was, there was some protection in the form of a great shield. It pains my pride to say that I cowered behind the shield, but even in dreams, it was the only safe place. Perhaps that temperamental Fire Mage is capable of combating the dark arts.

Before waking up in a cold sweat, however, I did notice something more clear; a door with a great crack through it. I suspect that The Necromancer is attempting to unseal the crypt in the mine. Whether the shadows and teethc are his doing or the first of the unleashed horrors, I do not know.

Cleaning Up and Moving Out

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