Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Spiders in the dark

Having delivered After the Fall: Extraplanar Creatures to Laretha, the party has been told that there might be a red dragon near the town of Janliff. Laretha and Matrius want them to investigate these reports, find Matrius’ contact (a merchant named Terick), and negotiate a meeting between Lathrotha and this new dragon. If the red dragon will not meet with Lathrotha (or possibly if it knew of Lathrotha and still didn’t contact her) they are to kill the dragon. The party has obtained a catapult armed with a barbed net and mounted in a wagon.

On route to Janliff the party found a nest of Scourge outside of Crestpeak Citadel. In a vicious battle that left Tacoma seriously injured they managed to kill the nest queen, but fled the strange shadow-like spiders that defended the nest. Our heroes are now in the citadel receiving treatment. The local authorities have been informed and will be sending a strike team to cleanse the nest.

It will 2 full days of rest for Tacoma to be fully healed. Everyone else who isn’t fully healed will require 1 full day of rest. Everyone who took lethal damage will have scars. Tacoma will have lasting damage to his left shoulder causing a minor reduction in movement range (this has no game mechanic change). The healers at the citadel, skilled as they are, can only do so much even with their magic.



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