Lord Rheoban

A young noble who uses his tongue rather than his fist.


A young noble from a minor family with a flair for talking rather than fighting. He has ambitions to improve his family’s (and by extension his own) stature. Although his family has produced a few mages in past generation, the arcane arts seemed to have skipped over Lord Rheoban. He does, however, occasionally have visions in his dreams, which of late have been growing in vividness and intensity. His tutors have often dismissed such “visions” as fantasy, and steered the young noble into logical discourse and politics.

While of noble standing, Lord Rheoban has had a few clandestine connections to the lower classes of society. In addition to his current work with commoners on behalf of the Academy, he has remotely studied the art of cracksmen, gaining skills in subterfuge and unauthorized entry. Understandably, he prefers to keep these skills discreet, for while he is not ashamed of them, such talents would not be looked upon favorably by his superiors.

Recently, he revealed a deep hatred for bandits. Although capable of compassion for common thugs, he saves no mercy for the commanders of highwaymen. Such hatred stems from a nearly tragic childhood experience. As a young boy, Lord Rheoban was captured by vagabonds and held for ransom. Taunted and locked in a filthy cage in the wilderness, he had no choice but to wait for his family to fund his release. Luck, however, would intervene on his behalf; a fugitive rogue came upon the bandits’ camp. Convicted of burglary, the fast-talking rogue appeared to have no where to go upon discovering the bandits. And yet, aided by his personal charm and a tankard of ale, the rogue secured not only his own safe passage, but also that of the young noble. Deeply grateful to his liberator, Lord Rheoban promised to have the rogue pardoned.

However, it was not so simple. As soon as the pair reached the nearest town, the rogue was arrested. Inspired by the power of keen words, Lord Rheoban has tuned his tongue to persuasion, one day hope to free his liberator, if the rogue still lives at all.

Lord Rheoban

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