Rayn Stormbow

Shadowy Assassin


Rayn Spyrand was born on the outskirts of a city to a poor mother and father. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father to take care of the child. Despite adversity, Rayn managed to grow to become a healthy child. They begged for money when possible and his father would occasionally hunt for food in the forest with his bow, the only significant possession he had left. When he was old enough, Rayn was taught how to use the bow by his father. Arrows were scarce, as they did not have much money, so Rayn learned to recover used arrows and to make every shot count. He seemed to have a knack with the bow and, by age 17, Rayn had become quite proficient with it.

Just after Rayn’s 17th birthday, a new gang had come into prominence in the city. They started threatening people for money, starting with store owners, but eventually including the poor and homeless, including his father. They put up with it because they thought they were powerless to do anything. One day, Rayn returned from an unsuccessful hunting trip to find his father being threatened by one of the gang members. Rayn watched as the threats escalated to violence and, suddenly, something snapped in him. Rayn lifted his bow and put an arrow into the back of the thug’s head, killing him instantly. That was the start of his career as an assassin.

His father, fearing retribution, scolded Rayn for what he did and quickly hid the body. However, the gang leader was not shaken. Word got around somehow and, just as his father feared, the gang sent half a dozen armed thugs to kill Rayn’s father. Rayn, realizing he was horribly outmatched, could do nothing but hide and watch the thugs murder his father. Rayn, holding his father’s bow, then swore vengeance on the wicked criminals for their atrocity.

Rayn’s first attempt to assassinate the gang leader failed miserably, although he managed to escape unscathed. A smaller rival gang heard of this and recruited him to help destroy the gang that killed his father. However, seeing his worn, puny bow, the leader took it, broke it, and threw it into the fireplace as Rayn was held back in protest. Rayn was given a much more powerful bow and arrows to suit his abilities. The gang leader gave him the nickname “Stormbow” to match his gifted abilities and Rayn took it to heart. It didn’t take long to forget about his father’s bow either, since Rayn was so blinded by vengence that he was oblivious to everything else around him.

Over the next few years, Rayn and his gang continued to fight the gang that murdered his father. They slowly turned the tides and eventually, at the hands of Rayn’s gang leader, not Rayn himself, the opposing leader was slain. Rayn was glad it was over, but left with a sort of empty fulfillment for defeating his father’s murderers. Having no purpose in life now, Rayn decided to stay with his gang, a new sort of “family” for him. However, when Rayn’s gang leader ordered him to start threatening people for money, everything came back to him in a devastating wave and he realized that he had become exactly what he had fought to destroy for so long. It was at that moment that Rayn decided that he had to leave the gang and never come back.

It took over a year for Rayn to fully come to terms with everything that happened. He moved from town to town, appearing and then disappearing like a shadow. He was determined to leave his old life behind and start anew. He has been using the name “Stormbow” ever since as his last name, trying to forget about what happened to his father. It is doubtful that Rayn could even remember his real last name now, though he has tried many times. Eventually, Rayn started to work as a freelance assassin, since he had become a quite gifted assassin over the years. He still moves from town to town, refusing to settle in with one gang ever again. He works jobs for his clients, but he does it on his terms. By repressing his horrible past, Rayn was able to move beyond it and start worrying about how he will live his new life. Though he may not remember much about his former life, he knows things cannot go back to the way they were and refuses to let the past repeat itself.

Rayn Stormbow

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