Scourge Titan


A massive monster, in many ways similar to a behemoth. The Scourge Titan stood over 30 feet tall. It was bipedal and had 4 arms, the upper pair larger than the lower. Its skin was a dark brown with a darker red pattern on its back. It had 5 eyes, which are said burned with rage and hate. Unlike behemoths, the Titan had magical abilities and seemed to be far more intelligent.


The Scourge Titan was a massive beast that led the Scourge when they first swept across the land. The Titan was at the front of the largest battles, including the attack that destroyed Old Allar. The Titan led the Scourge in the Battle of Haven and was ultimately killed there by Lord Dolain Thoeman.

The Titan’s death caused the rest of the Scourge to become erratic and scatter, some died on the spot.

Scourge Titan

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