Campaign of the Month: May 2008

Dragonhunter Cronicles

Under Construction

I’m currently working on putting everything for the campaign together. I have a basic plot-line in mind but not on paper. I need to write up NPCs and prepare my rules modifications. The fluff is ready and published at my Yahoo Group.

I am currently running character creation through email.

The Beginning

Our story begins in Haven, capitol city and home to the royal family. Built high in the mountains, Haven was originally a fortress with deep warrens providing a safe place for refugees. Now it is a beautiful city both above and below ground.

The Search for Jonathon

In the city of Haven, our adventurous heroes were hired by Grand Magus Alain to investigate the disappearance of a mage. Magus Jonathon had disappeared from the city of Prylin leaving 3 mutilated bodies behind him. The Grand Magus also asked that they look into reports of civil unrest while they were in Prylin. He promised them 15 gold pieces for the successful completion of this mission. He even lent them horses to speed their journey to Prylin.

Riding fast through the country side the party arrived in Prylin on the third day. They quickly noticed that patches of the crops around Prylin were dying or dead. The farmers told them that no one knew why the crops were dying and to make matters worse, something was killing their livestock at night. An investigation of the farm led them to one conclusion, whatever was killing the animals was probably one or more Slithers, snake-monsters of the Scourge.

Inside Prylin they talked with the beleaguered Governor Vincent Arith. Eager for help, Lord Vincent said he would do anything he could to help fix the problems, yet he seemed to have no idea what to do. They also encountered the tomboyish Lady Adeline Arith. With little aid from the Governor, they headed over to talk with Captain Indorian, commander of the local guards and Defenders. Captain Indorian gave them the details of Jonathon’s disappearance and mission. He also had a couple of guards show them to Jonathon’s house.

Inside the house they found Jonathon’s journal which revealed that he was being pursued by some unseen monster. With this information they headed out for the sinkhole to find Jonathon. Inside the cave they found the mage, badly wounded, but conscious. After some healing he told them about the monster that was hunting him, a humanoid hunter with claws and skin that blended into the background. Our heroes rested in the cave with Jonathon for the night and came up with a complex plan to lure out and kill the monster. It involved ropes, horses, sharpened grappling hooks, and Jonathon as bait, much to his discomfort. In the morning they enacted their plan with great success. The monster attacked, badly wounding Jonathon, but giving the others a chance to hook the monster with the grappling hooks. They then had the horses (which the grappling hooks were tied to) run in opposite directions. The resulting dismemberment left bloody smears across the forest.

Returning triumphantly to Prylin the heroes must now deal with the other issues facing the town, crime, blighted crops, and potential beast attacks.

Nothing but Nest

After a brief rest in Prylin, our valiant heroes set out to solve the next problem, monsters harassing the farmers. After talking with some of the farmers they followed 2 sets of slither tracks to another area of farmland. There they discovered one of the farmers, Old Man Jones, wandering around in his basement muttering about digging. At the back of his basement was a newly made tunnel. After subdue Old Man Jones, our heroes looked inside the tunnel and to their horror found a it covered in slime with a nest worker crawling by. They had found the unthinkable, a nest of beasts in a person’s basement. As Lord Felix killed the worker to bring back as proof, angry hisses arose from the nest and a half dozen slithers rushed out intent on killing them.

Staging a strategic withdrawal, our heroes spread out to warn the nearby farms and alert Captain Indorian. With the intruders retreating, the slithers returned to the nest. Kain, Lord Felix, and Rayn Stormbow stood watch while Tacoma returned with Captain Indorian and his Defenders.

With Captain Indorian and nearly 3 dozen Defenders our heroes charged into the nest. With Kain and Lord Felix leading the charge behind Captain Indorian and Rayn supporting they easily slew the slithers and attacked the monstrous queen. Though the queen was not particularly strong physically, it defended itself with great magical power, setting the cave aflame in an effort to kill the attackers. Lord Felix and Captain Indorian were badly wounded and several of the Defenders died. Yet the queen was slain and they returned victoriously.

Trouble in the Warehouse

With the nest destroyed our heroes sent another message to Grand Magus Alain informing him of the nest, Old Man Jones, and the amulet they found. They also requested payment be sent as they were going to be staying around Prylin for a while.

At Lord Felix’s request, the team decided to stay and investigate a possible crime spree in Prylin. A quick talk with the local bard revealed that there had been a definite increase in crime within the last few weeks. Houses had been robbed, people mugged, merchants harassed, and an ore merchant from out of town murdered. They also spoke with Capt. Indorian and found out about a break in a the guard’s armory. Several weapons and suits of armor had been stolen. The next day they heard an official proclamation announcing the recent attack upon the nest and the formation of a new militia to assist in defending the town from other beasts that may be nearby.

Before investigating the crimes Lord Rheoban, Tacoma, Rayn Stormbow and Kain headed off to the sinkhole to search the deeper passages. They found long winding tunnels going deep into the earth. After several hours of investigation they found no threats, only endless tunnels and caverns. However, their search was not completely without benefit. In one of the tunnels Rayn discovered a vein of ore which Tacoma and Lord Rheoban quickly identified as iron. They returned to Prylin tired, but ready to begin their investigation into the crimes. Questioning the local merchants found them to be terrified of an unidentified person or group. They were obviously the victims of a protection racket.

Through various forms of investigation they found that Johnny the Fence was the only one who would likely be dealing with stolen items. They also got the description of a suspicious fellow, a blond haired, blue eyed man, somewhat tall but thin, who carried a lot of hidden daggers. A visit to Johnny discovered that he did not have stolen armor and weapons and was entirely unwilling to talk further. Our heroes retired for the night, preparing plans to get more information from Johnny.

The next day they decided to pay a visit to Johnny’s warehouse to see what goes on when they aren’t open for business. To aid in the investigation they recruited Magus Jonathon, newly healed from his encounter with the forest monster. With Magus Jonathon flying point they proceeded to the warehouse. They found that Johnny was packing up his merchandise and trying to flee. He was defended by a small group of guards and workers, but after a brief fight they were no match for our heroes. Several of the workers and two of the guards escaped, but Johnny, a sneaky looking guard with a bow, and one of the workers were captured. A quick interrogation yielded a name to go with the description they got earlier and a possible location. According to Johnny, all of the crime in Prylin had been organized by a single man named Vargus who was staying in a house in town.

Leaving Kain behind to keep watch over the prisoners until the guards arrived, Lord Rheoban, Rayn, and Tacoma hurried over to Vargus’s house. Unfortunately, they arrived too late and found the house abandoned. People nearby reported 3 men hurrying out shortly before their arrival. Inside they found more stolen goods, but no armor or weapons. They did find a small unmarked vial of unknown pale yellow liquid which had been forgotten in the basement.

The Prylin Rebellion

The next day, Lord Rheoban, Tacoma, and Kain tagged along with a group of the militia as they searched the local residences for signs of beasts and criminal activity. Meanwhile, Rayn Stormbow headed over to the lumberjack’s lodge to see if he could find the man Vargus had been living with.

The militia’s search was long and very thorough, however they found nothing. The peasants were none too thrilled by the invasive nature of the searches, but they could do nothing about it…yet.

Rayn located Vargus’s friend and attempted to get him to talk. This attempt backfired as the man tried to attack Rayn. When Rayn ran off, the man went to the guards and told them that Rayn had been threatening him. Once Rayn returned to find the man again, the guards tried to arrest Rayn. After a merry chase through the woods, Rayn snuck back into Prylin and disguised himself. Back at the inn, he rejoined Lord Rheoban, Tacoma, and Kain, informing them of what happened.

While Rayn laid low in town, the others headed out to see if they could get anything out of the lumberjack. He wasn’t hard to find and when they talked to him, he lied about the entire incident. Rather than press him further, the party decided to wait and tail him after he left work.

That evening they followed the lumberjack as he went to a bar with several of his buddies. Inside, along with the regular rowdy crowd, they noticed five men sitting quietly in the back. When Lord Rheoban attempted to talk to them they seemed quite uncomfortable and non-talkative. After a short conference with his teammates, the party came up with a plan to get everyone drunk and confront the five suspicious men. After a brief talk inside the bar they agreed to go with the party to see “the boss” about how they were “screwing up the plan”. In the alleyway by the bar, the men turned on the party, confronting them about their supposed allegiances. After much debate about who is working for who, what is going on with “the plan”, and what is going wrong, it became clear that these men did not actually work for Vargus and they really don’t like or trust Lord Rheoban, stating that he is “part of the problem.” Once it became clear that they weren’t working for Vargus, the party allowed them to leave, but Rayn followed them. He watched them split up several times until the man who had been doing most of the talking was alone. Rayn followed him to the back door of a house, but none of the party confronted them further.

The next morning, while the party planned their next move, a man came up to them and warned them to get out of town as soon as possible because bad things were about to happen. These unspecified bad things would put Governor Vincent, Capt. Indorian, the entire party and possibly Magus Jonathan in great danger. The peasants were fed up with the local nobility and were going to start a rebellion because of it.

The party immediately split up and warned everyone about what was going to happen. They all convened at the local guard house, with the exception of Lady Adeline who had joined the militia and was on patrol. When Capt. Indorian was told he didn’t seem particularly surprised and immediately ordered the few soldiers left in the guard house to suit up for battle. As they began to fortify the guard house, Lady Adeline arrived with 3 more Defenders, all of them bloodied. They confirmed that the peasants had attacked and that the militia they had just armed had turned on them. Shortly afterward, the a mob of 80 angry peasants gathered in front of the guard house. Lord Rheoban, with an escort of Defenders, stepped outside and delivered an Epic Speech to try and persuade the mob not to kill them, for there was a greater threat ready to descend upon them and kill them all. Unfortunately, he was not used to giving speeches with arrows aimed at his head and could not contain a few stutters. The mob was unimpressed and responded with cries of “Kill them!” and “Death to the nobles!” Captain Indorian ordered his soldiers to fall back into the guard house and barricade the door. The mob proceeded to lay siege to the guard house.

Trapped within the guard house, they sent Magus Jonathon to find reinforcements, hoping they would arrive soon enough to save them. After a tense day of hiding, the party attempted to create a diversion in the night to give the others a chance of escaping. Luckily, as they fled, Magus Jonathon returned with Lieutenant Daniel, Magus Ellen, and 5 squads of Defenders. After the nest had been found in Old Man Jones’s basement, Captain Indorian had sent a request for reinforcements. They were already on their way when Magus Jonathon found them and marched through the night when they heard of the rebellion.

With the arrival of the reinforcements all that is left is to mop up the last of the rebels and question Indorian about what he might know about the rebellion.

Side Note: The party has identified the vial they found in Vargus’s house as being Crimson Pain, a lethal poison known for use in assassinations.

Cleaning Up and Moving Out

With the arrival of the Lieutenant Daniel and his Defenders, our heroes’ reasons for staying in Prylin were quickly dwindling. The rebellion was being resolved, the beasts had been destroyed, and the leader of the crime ring had been driven into hiding. They still had their suspicions of Captain Indorian and his involvement in the rebellion, but after snooping around for a while the next day they found no evidence of wrongdoing. Magus Ellen had brought their payment from the Academy as well as a box to transport the amulet they found on Old Man Jones.

Outside of Salinea they came across a group of Defenders and a destroyed caravan. The caravan had been attacked by a pack of beasts. The Defenders, having found the remains while on patrol, were about to track down the beasts. The party graciously offered to come with the patrol and assist in destroying the beasts. It did not take long for them to catch up with the beasts, a pair of mantises and nearly a dozen grunts. A few well placed arrows took down the mantises, the true threat in the pack, and some quick sword work finished off the grunts. The Defenders thanked them for the assistance and our heroes resumed their journey.

Other than a brief stop in Old Allar to inform the local mining guild about a iron vein they found near Prylin, the rest of their journey was uneventful.

Back in Haven they returned to Grand Magus Alain. They gave their report and handed over the amulet. The Grand Magus informed them that, the night after they left Prylin, Captain Indorian was murdered. He also informed them about a necromancer that was being hunted and that there had been a series of unusual disappearances in Millkeep. According to witnesses, people are being ‘swallowed by the shadows’. The Academy is sending a team of mages to investigate and Grand Magus Alain is sending our heroes to accompany and assist them.

The next morning the party met up with the Academy’s group, four mages, one skilled in each form of elemental magic, and 6 Defenders. They quickly reached Millkeep and began their investigation. They questioned the local mage healer and Governor Muciel Lajana and learned that the disappearances had started about two weeks ago. The first people vanished from the local mines and the sites of the disappearances seemed to be moving out from there. Then they went and questioned the local mine foreman. He told them that there was a section of the mines that had been closed off a long time ago by the Academy because of some magical hazard. He also mentioned that there had been a mage in the mines a bit more than two weeks ago. He pointed them towards the miner that had spoken with the mage. The miner gave them a description of a gaunt man with brown hair and eyes. The description matched that of the necromancer, an adept earth and water mage that had been caught practicing dark magics.

With this information they rejoined the other mages sent by the Academy. The mages had also found information pointing towards the sealed off section of the mines. After a night’s sleep they were ready to venture into the mines and find the source of these disappearances.

Rules Amendment: Heavy armor now reduces lethal damage to bashing on a 1 for 1 basis. Armor with rating Heavy X reduces X points of lethal damage to bashing per strike, damage greater than X remains lethal. Armor piercing reduces the effective armor rating of the target.

Into the Darkness

So our heroes ventured into the mines, accompanied by the four mages and their Defenders, to find the source of the disappearances. Tacoma and the air mage scouted ahead. They found the spot where the tunnel had originally been sealed off. An opening had been formed in it with magic. The air mage headed back to inform the others, while Tacoma waited there. However, while he waited, a wall of darkness rushed out and engulfed him.

The others were similarly engulfed as the darkness rapidly advanced down the tunnel. As they were engulfed they felt agonizing pain, as though something was trying to rip their bodies apart. Thankfully, it lasted only a moment, leaving them in darkness.

Our heroes found themselves in a world made entirely of shadows. The darkness making a solid floor and walls. As they recovered from the shock, they noticed two figures approaching. They were two of the Defenders that the mages had brought with them. However, they advanced with swords drawn in an awkward shuffling gait. As they approached it was clear that their skin had been ripped off. They were dead and doomed, our heroes were forced to destroyed the former Defenders.

The party proceeded through the shadow tunnels and eventually arrived at a large cavern. In the center of the cavern stood a massive creature. Humanoid and darker than the shadows that surrounded it, it was easily 18 feet tall, but thin and emaciated. Around its wrists, ankles, and neck were silvery shackles attached to glowing chains. The chains led to 5 small crystals placed in a pentagon around the creature. One of the chains, attached to its left arm, lay broken and dull and the chain attached to its right arm was noticeably dimmer than the other three.

Standing in front of the creature were three large hounds, their fur a black and their eyes burning red. Two vanished immediately upon the party’s arrival. The third stayed long enough to growl at them, but also vanished.

The party, wary of engaging the creature, instead began a conversation with it. They learned that it had been sealed away long, long ago by mages, which the creature refer to as ‘meddlers’. It also told them that another mage had come by recently and broken one of the seals which bound it their. Rather than being appreciative, the creature was angry that the mage had not broken all of its bindings. The creature gladly agreed to help hunt down and destroy this mage, if the party would only destroy the remaining bindings. It also explained that the hell hounds were “not (its) friends. They are your friends.” It claimed that if it were not for the hounds, they would be dead.

The creature agreed to release the party provided they freed it. After long discussions it agreed to send one of the party members back to prove that it could free them. Tacoma was chosen to go back. He arrived safely and proceeded to send a message to the Academy. Back in the shadows, the others were left to wonder if Tacoma was truly safe. All they saw was Tacoma get wrapped in shadows and disappear. With only the creature’s assurances that Tacoma was safe, the others were wary of doing anything further. As they delayed, the creature became increasingly impatient, demanding that they destroy the binding crystals. To appease the creature without actually freeing it, they told it that they needed more help. Despite its assurance that they were capable, it agreed to send another one of them back. This time Lord Rheoban was sent. He met up with Tacoma and together they began to plan how to get the others out.

The next day they received a reply from Grand Magus Alain. It was short, telling them that the Academy was researching the creature and that they were not to release it under any circumstances. Lord Rheoban and Tacoma went to the Lord Muciel and the captain of the guard to get get additional troops to help kill the creature. They were given 8 Defenders and 2 House Lajana Guards. They also convinced the local mage healer to accompany them. Together they returned to the cavern and waited for the monster to bring them back to its realm.

After some waiting, the reinforcements were engulfed in shadows. Lord Rheoban and Tacoma found themselves in front of the demon with Lord Felix, Kane and Rayn. The mage, Defenders, and guards were no where to be found. The demon had consumed them, strengthening itself. It summoned more undead, including the former earth mage, clad in stone armor, and demanded that our heroes break the crystals. With no other options, our heroes attacked the demon and its undead. The undead, a mixture of Defenders and commoners, surrounded and attacked the heroes. The demon defended itself with a mixture of defensive and healing spells. It also summoned up more undead. As the heroes continued to hurt it, the demon consumed the soul of the earth mage to heal itself. It then summoned the fire mage, but was quickly forced to consume him as well. Finally, the demon was so badly injured that it could no longer maintain the shadow realm. The walls wavered and collapsed, sending the party back to the material realm.

In Pursuit of the Necromancer

With the demon defeated our heroes found themselves returned to the material realm, surrounded by the corpses of those the demon had taken. They searched the mutilated bodies, 14 Defenders, 12 commoners, 5 Magi, and 2 House Lajana guardsmen. The Defenders had standard swords and armor, nothing particularly interesting. However, the mages had much nicer equipment. The fire mage had a mage-crafted longsword. The air mage had a magical amulet and sword. The earth mage had mage-crafted full plate and a mage-crafted mace. The water mage had slither scale armor and a magical staff. The party took the swords and staff, but left almost everything else. Then they went back into Millkeep and alerted Lord Muciel of what had happened. They also sent another letter to Grand Magus Alain.

Having found out that the necromancer had stolen one of the crystals that had sealed the demon away, our heroes decided that they had to track him down and recover the crystal. First they headed south to Stoneforge Citadel, home of House Garen. The trip was not long, but they left late in the day and night fell without them reaching their destination. Already close to Stoneforge, they decided to press on through the night. However, not long after full dark they spotted winged forms coming at them from higher up the mountains. Ten gargoyles, armed with bloody spears, descended upon them. After a fierce battle our heroes managed to kill the gargoyles, but were left bloodied and bruised. They staggered on to Stoneforge and spent the night at the local Healer’s guild.

The next day the local healer mage examined them and used his magic to heal their wounds. After thanking the healers and giving a gracious donation to the guild they began to ask around town about the necromancer. From the guards pointed them in the direction of a merchant of ‘unusual ingredients’ in the lower city who had reported seeing someone matching the necromancer’s description. The merchant told them that the man he met had had a list of items he wanted and had appeared to be preparing for cold weather travel. The items were the sort used in alchemical formulations or arcane rituals.

Continuing their investigation in Stoneforge, Lord Rheoban met with the local alchemists guild to ask about the ingredients. They knew of no formulation which would use such ingredients and said that they was more likely to be used for arcane purposes. They also made the exhaustive climb to the Eerie, frequent stopping point of Salos, Elemental Primarch of Air. The Eerie, high in the mountains, was a large open area of structures, clear, crystal-like columns, and wind chimes. Here the Followers of Salos learned how best to serve the Primarch. The Followers of Salos at the Eerie had not seen or heard of the necromancer, so the party rested their for the night.

The next morning the party awoke to the wind chimes sounding loud notes. Salos had returned to the Eerie and our heroes were given the opportunity to speak with it. The swirling mass of wind and cloud that formed the elemental spoke with clear almost musical voice which hinted at unknown amusement, as though it saw something funny that no one else could see. Salos had not seen the necromancer, nor did he seem to care. When the party listed the ingredients the necromancer had purchased, Salos told them that it sounded like the ingredients for troll soup. Salos did tell them about a conversation it had had with a red dragon residing high in the mountains to the east. Salos also helped them return to Stoneforge Citadel by throwing them off of the Eerie and catching them back at the bottom.

With no further leads in Stoneforge Citadel, the party continued on to the town of Eriley. The guards there immediately reported having an encounter with the necromancer. He had raided a local crypt. The party investigated the empty graves. The grave keeper was missing, but his notes indicated that 23 people had been buried in the now vacant crypt. In the basement beneath the grave keeper’s home they found a tunnel, formed with magic, that led out below the town. Outside they easily found the tracks of a couple dozen barefoot humans leading up into the mountains. The tracks were less than two days old. Our heroes draw close to their prey.

Items Gained: Mage-Crafted Longsword, Mage-Crafted Mace, Swift Blade, Guardian Staff, Amulet of Protection

Of Liches and Dreams

“The world is at a tipping point. You must grow stronger and confront the evil that threatens. Seek the ancient serpent in the Stone of Heart’s Water. Seek the power of the blood at the peak of ice. Seek the one that is many beyond the ruins of greatness.” -Message in the Dream

The adventurers made their way up the mountain on the trail of the necromancer, Kindar. They caught up with him at a small cave. After hacking their way through a number of zombies they found Kindar at the back of the cave, ready for them behind a line zombies. With the zombies to slow our heroes down it was clear that Kindar could use his earth magic to escape well before they could kill him. Instead of forcing Kindar to flee they chose to try talking him down. Kindar claimed that he was studying necromancy so that he could destroy the Scourge. The first step of his plan was to perform a ritual that would grant him great power over the dead. Through a series of negotiations, Lord Rheoban managed to convince Kindar to give them first a copy of the ritual and then the actual book of necromantic lore that he had been studying. Kindar also agreed to bring the crystal, formerly part of the seal on the demon of Millkeep, back to the cave after he finished the ritual. With this agreed upon, the heroes left, allowing Kindar and his remaining zombies to escape.

The heroes immediately traveled back to Eriley to figure out where the necromancer would be performing his ritual. Looking over the tome of necromancy they saw that the ritual needed to be performed in the Tomb of King Drath. A local bard said he knew where the tomb was and agreed to help them find it. So in the dead of night, they hurried back up the mountain, but in the darkness they were unable to locate the tomb. With no other options they waited for morning. While they waited, Lord Felix, Lord Rheoban and Rayn studied the tome of necromancy (renamed the Book of Treason) hoping to gain some insight into how they too could become necromancers.

In the morning they found the Tomb of King Drath, an ancient king known for advancing the arcane arts. In the entry chamber they found several empty coffins. As they approached the main burial room they readied themselves to fight what was certainly a large pack of undead. However, when they opened the doors to the main room they found it mostly empty. At the far end was a simple stone throne, in the middle a pedestal with a magic orb. Around the pedestal was the arcane circle needed for the necromantic ritual. Lying next to the pedestal was the body of Kindar, dessicated and thoroughly dead. In a corner was Kindar’s backpack and his copy of the ritual. Of the zombies, King Drath and the crystal from Millkeep there was no sign. Before leaving the tomb they dismembered Kindar’s corpse and took the pieces with them.

The heroes returned once more to Eriley to send a message, about Kindar and a strange dream they had, back to the Academy and decide what to do next. Kindar had said that he planned to start his destruction of the Scourge in Old Allar so they decided to head there. They headed to New Allar to prepare for the journey. While in new Allar, Lord Felix, Lord Rheoban, and Rayn continued their study of the Book of Treason. Lord Felix was especially studious managing to gain an academic understanding of the basic principles of necromancy. However, when they woke up the next morning, they found that the book was gone.

While in New Allar they recieved a letter from the Academy. It was a simple order for them to return to Haven and report to Grand Magus Alain. Before leaving they made a quick check of the local rumors, in case word of a ancient skeleton and a dozen zombies were around. No one had heard of any undead, but they had heard of unrest in several town. Peasants all over the realm were outraged by the heinous and unprovoked brutality of the Defenders in the Massacre of Prylin.

When they arrived at Haven, the party immediately returned to the Academy. However, after a brief wait at the gates, the Grand Magus’s assistant came out to tell them that now was not a good time and they should return tomorrow morning. Instead they spent the day investigating the strange dream they had had. First they went to see if they could get a meeting with Jura, the elemental Primarch of water. They went to Jura’s shrine and spoke with its servants, telling them about the dream and their desire to speak with Jura about it. The Servants told them that the party would need permission to speak with Jura, but the message would be relayed. Now waiting on two meetings, the party went to the Library to do some studying on their own. As nobility, Lord Rheoban and Lord Felix were allowed into the public section of the Library and Tacoma got a meeting with an old friend, Sage Rosemary, but the others were turned away by the Keepers of the Tomes. Tacoma convinced Sage Rosemary to investigate their cryptic dream, but Lord Rheoban and Lord Felix found nothing helpful in the multitude of ancient books.

The next day the adventurers once again approached the Academy and were once again met by Alain’s assistant. However, this time he brought them inside to a small conference room. A few minutes later, Grand Magus Alain entered. He first questioned them about this dream they had had. Then he asked for their report on what had happened with Kindar. He then thanked them for their assistance and told them that the Millkeep demon, Kindar and Drath were Academy buisness and they need no longer worry themselves about it. When the party asked about their dream, Alain said he could not tell them anything about the “ancient serpent”, but gave a vague idea what the other parts might mean. It was clear that he wasn’t telling them everything, but there was nothing they could do about it. The party then returned the items from the Millkeep mages as well as the magic orb they found in the tomb of King Drath. Alain’s assistant gave Kane the book about dragons with instructions to have it back within a week, then escorted them out of the building.

After reporting to the Grand Magus, the party headed back to the Shrine of Jura to see if they could get an audience with the Primarch. The Servants greeted them and confirmed that they could speak with Jura. They were led deeper underground to a mighty river, rushing under the city. From the rushing waters rose a large face, the water elemental Jura. The party first asked what Grand Magus Alain wasn’t telling them, to which Jura replied “That which he is not allowed to tell.” When they asked about the ‘ancient serpent’, Jura confirmed that it knew what it referred to, but said it “is not my place to tell.” Jura did refer to the ancient serpent as a ‘she’ and when the party offered to perform a service, Jura agreed to tell them about it, after the service was complete. Unfortunately, Jura did not have a service in mind at the time, so it said that a Servant would be sent to them when there was a task. Though the party asked several more questions, they got little new information. However, when they asked about New Allar, Jura became visibly agitated.

After their meeting with Jura, the party headed back into the city to try and figure out what to do next. As they were settling in, they received messages bearing a green seal of a lion and a sword. The messages said:

Congratulations on your work in Prylin. It would be my pleasure if you and your friends could join me for dinner tonight.


Commander Matrius


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