Tag: The Academy


  • Magus Jonathon

    Jonathon is in his early 30's with brown hair and blue eyes. He is an adept air mage and usually works as a scout for the Academy. He is a bit of a loner, preferring to explore the wilderness rather than discuss magical theory with his peers.

  • Kindar the Necromancer

    A gaunt man with brown hair and eyes, this earth and water magus was recently found out to be a necromancer and chased from the Academy. He was seen heading southeast from Haven. The wizard who visited the mine in Millkeep recently matches his description …

  • Academy Agent (Earth)

    A heavy set man with many scars, this Magus is an expert earth mage and veteran of many battles. He serves as a front line soldier, forming a one man strong point and capable of weathering overwhelming odds. He has learned well the value of good comrades. …

  • Academy Agent (Air)

    An expert air mage sent to investigate the disappearances in Millkeep. Unlike most air mages, he is not particularly good at flight spells. However, he is quite good at accelerating his own movement. A lanky man with a quick wit and ready humor.

  • Academy Agent (Water)

    A tall soft-spoken man, this Magus is an expert water mage. While he can easily heal most wounds, he is also skilled in illusions. While he tends to be compassionate, he takes his time evaluating situations before taking action. The only exception to this …

  • Magus George

    This Magus was an adept water mage and healer, but hadn't bothered much with the other magical arts. He readily healed those injured in battle. He went along as reinforcements to fight against the extraplanar being sealed below Millkeep, but was absorbed …