Tag: terrain feature


  • Black Marsh

    A wetland to the west of the kingdom, along the coast. The Black Marsh is occupied by five tribes of lizardfolk, including the Marsh Runners (those to the east, who have some contact with humans from [[Meadowmor]]), the Red Scales (the largest tribe in …

  • Peaks

    This mountain range divides the kingdom and the [[Barrens]], and has been found to hold (from west to east): [[Haven]], mines where [[:16981|a demon]] is bound above [[Millkeep]], *the Eerie* above [[Stoneforge Citadel]], the tomb of [[:16451]] above [[ …

  • Kynic Hills

    Forested and [[beasts|Scourge]]-infested hills, home of an ancient tomb that was raided by heroes and scouts working for [[:16977]]