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A list of the commonly encountered beasts of the Scourge


Appearance: A humanoid body covered with fur, a long cat-like tail and a wolf’s head. Fur is often black or dark brown. They have clawed hands and feet.

Environment: Found in almost all areas except swamp lands. They are the most prevalent form of Beast in the high mountains.

Behavior: As their name suggests, Stalkers will prowl around an area and follow any prey that they find until they get to a suitable ambush location. They keep low to the ground and are very quiet. They prefer to attack lone individuals. They have been known to roam in packs, much like wolves, and attack larger groups. If clearly overwhelmed Stalkers, unlike other Beasts, will retreat and hide.


Appearance: A large snake, about 6 to 10 feet long, with a pair of humanoid arms with long claws. Hard scales often have a green or brown pattern which helps them to blend into their native terrain. They are extremely venomous, most people bitten by a Slither die within a minute.

Environment: Most often found in areas of flat land or in forests.

Behavior: Slithers tend to lie in an area of high grass or other vegetation, staying perfectly still. When prey passes by it lunges out trying to bite or claw its victim. Once they attack, Slithers will continue to fight until they or their prey is dead.


Appearance: Humanoid, about 3 and a half to 4 and a half feet tall. They have thick hair-less hides and ram-like horns. Their faces are marked by a short snout and large teeth.

Environment: Grunts can be found in any terrain.

Behavior: Grunts travel in packs and often assist other more dangerous Beasts, such as Mantises or Slithers. They are often the most numerous creatures in a swarm. They charge their opponents, punching and biting wildly. They will often try to grab their opponents to get a better opportunity to bite.


Appearance: Insect-like with four legs and a pair of scythe-like arms. Usually between 4 and 5 feet tall, but larger ones have been reported. They have a thick exoskeleton, often in grey or brown shades.

Environment: Mantises are usually found in hills, plains or forests. They have been found in mountains, but not as frequently.

Behavior: Mantises are often found guarding nests or leading other Beasts. They are fierce combatants and will not retreat. Alone they charge any creature they come across, only stopping when either they or their prey is dead. In groups they seem to seek out human habitations. They seem less interested in hunting for food than simply killing whatever they can find.


Appearance: Humanoid, about 5 feet tall, with grayish skin and leathery wings. Their hands are clawed and they have sharp teeth.

Environment: Seems to prefer higher elevations or forests.

Behavior: Gargoyles are flying pack hunters. Like Stalkers, they prefer to attack only when they outnumber their foes and will retreat if overwhelmed. They will carry off dead bodies after a battle and have been seen to use human-made weapons scavenged from the dead. They are often found accompanying a Harbinger


Appearance: Massive semi-humanoid creatures, usually between 20 and 30 feet tall. Many varieties have been reported. Any bipedal land-bound Beast of sufficient size can be called a Behemoth.

Environment: Behemoths are found almost exclusively with swarms of other Beasts. Otherwise, they can be found anywhere. Thankfully, there have been no Behemoth sightings for over 30 years.

Behavior: Behemoths always steer themselves towards the largest group of enemies and proceed to slaughter them. When attacking forts they go straight for the walls like a living siege engine. They are slow and cumbersome, but incredibly resilient.


Appearance: Massive winged creatures, usually about 20 feet long from head to tail. They are bulky with a leathery hide and large jaws. They have a pair of legs, but no arms. Their jaws are filled with long sharp teeth and are big enough to swallow a human.

Environment: Sightings are rare, but they have been seen in all kinds of terrain except for dense forests and swamps.

Behavior: Harbingers stay high above the ground, only descending to attack prey. They tend to only attack large groups. Once on the ground they lash out with tail, wings, and teeth, killing everything around them. They have also been known to grab someone with their feet and fly off with them like some giant bird of prey.

Nest Queen

At the heart of every nest is a single queen. These creatures seem to grow in the nest and are incapable of leaving, as they are often directly attached to the walls. Each queen appears to be unique. Despite being mostly immobile, they are extremely dangerous. They have clawed limbs, can spit acid, or produce spell-like effects. The destruction of a queen does not kill off the rest of the nest, but it does appear to cripple the nest, making it unable to spawn new Beasts.


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