Character Creation

Character Creation follows that given in the World of Darkness book with a few exceptions.

1. Select character concept. Remember, your character has chosen to put their life at risk by being an adventurer of some type. Common reasons for adventuring include: money, fame, curiosity, just part of their job, or a feeling of duty.

2. Attributes: This is done by the book

3. Skills: This is done by the book. See the Skills section for additional information on new skills

4. Skill Specialties: This is done by the book

5. Supernatural Template: Your characters will not be receiving a supernatural template. Instead you will get to select some special (usually supernatural) abilities. You receive 3 dots to spend on abilities. All characters start with 3 out of 3 mana. See the Abilities section for a listing.

6. Advantages: This is done by the book with the exception of Health and Morality. Health dots are equal to Size + (2 * Stamina). Morality will not be used in this campaign.

7. Merits: This is done by the book. See the Merits section for additional Merits available

8. Equipment: All characters start with standard adventuring gear and 10 gp to spend on weapons, armor, and additional equipment. Characters cannot purchase rare items at this point.

Character Creation

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