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Ability Upgrades

Loose Tongue upgrades to Betray Malice

Blending upgrades to Cloak of Shadows

Feel the Lie upgrades to Sense Emotions

The Right Words upgrades to Inspiration

Mighty Bound upgrades to Spider Climb

New Abilities

Drain Life (1 Dot) upgrades to Siphon Vitality

Darkvision (1 Dot) upgrades to Superior Senses

Sustenance (1 Dot)

Superior Senses (2 Dot) upgrades to Blindsight

Siphon Vitality (2 Dot) upgrades to Raise Dead

Blind Sight (3 Dot)

Raise Dead (3 Dot)

New Merit

Mana Recharge (3 Dot)

New Merits added 5/10/09

New Content

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