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Long, long, ago, in an Asterna that looked very different, there were all manner of sentient bipeds. Then the Scourge came and screwed things up for everyone. Now elves, dwarves, and orcs are extinct. They are creatures of legend, never to be seen again in this world.

Elves were known as gentle forest dwellers and masters of magic. They were tall and delicately thin with long fingers and pointed ears. They were beautiful and moved with surreal grace. They could speak with the plants and animals of the land and were magically bound to their forests.

The Dwarves were a short and stocky race of people made from stone. They lived deep within the mountains. It is said that they move and shape stone as easily as humans breathe. They taught humans the secrets of fire and forge, earth and masonry. Many believe that some dwarves could have survived deep within the mountains.

Orcs were a monstrous race of bloodthirsty killers. They were massive, 7 to 8 feet tall, and pure muscle. They had dark green skin and their eyes burned with a horrid red light. To look them in the eyes was to see death. In battle they used huge two handed swords that could split a man in half with a single swing.


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