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There are a variety of magical items. When it comes to weapons and armor, the vast majority of items are mage-crafted. But what is the difference between a magic item and a mage-crafted item?

Magic items are items with some permanent enchantment placed upon them. These enchantments usually have command word to activate them and produce obvious magical effects. Just about any item can be magical, but it is generally only found in high quality, durable items. Gemstones are often used as focuses for the enchantment. Unfortuantely, most of the details on how to create such enchantments have been lost. Those items you find now come from the time before the Scourge ravaged the land, making them extremely expensive.

Mage-crafted items are items of extraordinary quality that have been created using magic. They have no enchantments placed upon them. Mage-crafting is generally restricted to metal items, particularly armor and weapons. By magically purifying the minerals and binding them together with magic, these items are far stronger then ordinary items. Mage-crafted Armor does not break and is hard to pierce, while mage-crafted swords cut through regular armor with ease. Mage-crafting takes a lot longer and a lot more resources than would be used for a regular item. Also, there are only a few mages capable of making mage-crafted items. This makes mage-crafted items rarer and much more expensive than regular items, but not quite as expensive as magic items.


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